Offering a wide range of Wooden Pallets, Wooden Storage Crates, Plywood Boxes, Wooden Crates, Heat Treated Wooden Pallets as per ISPM 15 & NSPM9 Export Worthy Palletization.

About Us

Our company, Akalsahai Wood Products, was intercepted in 1981. We are trusted manufacturer, supplier, service provider and trader of Wooden Pallets, Euro Wooden Pallets, Custom Pallets, Wooden Crates, Wooden Packing Crates, Wooden Storage Crates, Boxes, Packing Boxes as per ISPM 15 & NSPM9. Our growth was well visualized beforehand by our founder, and with the passage of time and increase in demands, we added new products such as Wooden Boxes, Pallets, Boxes, Crates, Plywood Boxes, Skids to Wooden Parallelization for export packing. We are also a service provider offering Storage Service and Packing Services. This methodical approach coupled with expertise and experience raised the our sales figures and increased the list of our satisfied customers. Along with this, we are also involved in manufacturing various types of packaging used for industrial, machinery, heavy type of packing and export quality packing.

Wood Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the most widely used method to comply with ISPM-15 norms, as no chemical is involved in this process. According to the article 5, in the European Gazette of October 31th, 2009 "the use of MB (Methyle Bromoide) in EU for wood packing as per ISPM-15 is banned after 18th March 2010 for almost all purpose, QPS use included". Meaning that raw wood leaving the E.U can only be treated with heat.

The effect of methyl bromide on human health and on the environment have been assessed in accordance with the provisions laid down in regulations (EC) no.451/2000 and (EC) no.1490/2002.

One of the principal advantages of heat treatment over fumigation is that HT is an eco-friendly method with least detrimental affect on the environment, especially during current environmental concerns in the international community.

Major advantage of heat treatment is that it reduces the moisture content of the wood considerably which in turn makes the wood less prone to microbial infestations like fungus and mould (commonly blue stained and mould or decay fungi found in India).

Unlike fumigation this treatment is hassle-free. In the case of methyl bromide fumigation of the loaded container, lot of safety concern arises as methyl bromide is readily absorbed by lot of export consignments and dangerous level of gas are detected at the port of discharge. Entire EU countries prefer heat treatment over methyl bromide fumigation due to this safety concerns.

Besides manufacturing of wooden packing, we are also providing in house services of wood heat treatment and a very nominal cost and the mark assigned to us by the dept. of plant protection and qurantine (PPQS), Govt of india is.

IN-181 HT

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