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Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Manufacturers in India

Looking for top-quality Heat Treated Wooden Pallets manufacturers in India? Akalsahai Wood Products is your go-to source for premium-grade pallet solutions. As leading Heat Treated Wooden Pallets manufacturers in India, we prioritize quality and safety in every pallet we produce. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures meticulous heat treatment processes, adhering to international standards for pest eradication and wood preservation. Whether for domestic or international shipping, trust our heat-treated pallets to meet regulatory requirements and safeguard your goods. Elevate your logistics with Akalsahai Wood Products' superior Heat Treated Wooden Pallets in India. Experience peace of mind with our reliable and durable pallet solutions!

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Suppliers in India

In need of trusted Heat Treated Wooden Pallets suppliers in India? Turn to Akalsahai Wood Products for premium-quality pallets that meet your heat treatment needs. As reputable Heat Treated Wooden Pallets suppliers in India, we offer a diverse range of heat-treated pallets designed for various applications. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each pallet undergoes rigorous heat treatment processes, complying with international standards for safety and quality. Whether for industrial, pharmaceutical, or food-grade purposes, our heat-treated pallets provide the reliability and durability you demand. Choose Akalsahai Wood Products as your preferred supplier of Heat Treated Wooden Pallets in India for unparalleled quality and service!

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Manufacturer in India

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets - Product Description

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Manufacturers in India

We provide comprehensive Heat Treatment services for wooden packaging materials, ensuring that your products comply with international phytosanitary regulations and arrive at their destination safely and securely. This crucial process eliminates the risk of pests and pathogens that could potentially damage your goods or pose a threat to foreign ecosystems.

Heat treatment is an essential requirement for the export of wooden packaging materials like crates, pallets, boxes and dunnage. Our services adhere to the strict guidelines outlined in ISPM 15, the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, which sets the global benchmark for preventing the spread of wood-borne pests and diseases.

Holding License INI 181-HT, we operate under the strict supervision of the designated plant protection organization, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Here's how our heat treatment process works:

  • Inspection and Preparation: Wooden packaging materials undergo a thorough inspection to ensure suitability for heat treatment. Any nails, staples, or other metal components are removed to prevent damage to the kiln.
  • Kiln Loading: The wood is carefully loaded into specially designed heat treatment kilns, ensuring proper airflow and heat distribution throughout the chamber.
  • Heating Cycle: The kiln temperature is gradually raised to a minimum core temperature of 56°C (132.8°F) and maintained for at least 30 minutes, eliminating any potential pests or pathogens present within the wood.
  • Cooling and Monitoring: Once the heating cycle is complete, the wood is allowed to cool slowly within the kiln to prevent warping or cracking. The entire process is meticulously monitored and documented to ensure compliance with ISPM 15 standards.
  • Certification and Marking: Upon successful completion of heat treatment, the wood packaging materials are stamped with the internationally recognized ISPM 15 mark, indicating compliance and facilitating seamless customs clearance at your destination.

By choosing our Heat Treatment services, you gain the peace of mind that your wooden packaging materials meet the necessary export requirements while safeguarding the environment from the potential introduction of harmful organisms.

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Manufacturer in india Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Manufacturer in india Heat Treated Wooden Pallets Manufacturer in india